Hello guys and girls! 
I'd like to write my first "author post" ever here on Newgrounds, despite the fact that I've been making games on this site for about ten years - I know, shame on me.

This is actually a good occasion to see how many of my fans are still active and will read this post, but anyway. I'm digressing.

I've been thinking about making "Dead Detective" a full-lenght game (four self-contained cases, all tied together by a final, epic conclusion), maybe invest some bucks for a talented pixel artist to draw the backgrounds.

I'll still upload more content here - like another complete case that'll also work as a demo for the game itself.

What do you guys think? Would you actually support such a project (if you had any money, that is :D )? Do you foresee utter failure? Do you whish me luck? Do you actually have any experience/tips about Kickstarter that you'd want to share? Would you like a fresh, tasty brain?

Let's hear it!